What Is Prolozone Treatment?

Prolozone treatment is a progressive pain treatment strategy that is utilized to treat harmed tendons in a joint. The treatment is a type of regenerative medication, as an infusion of medical ozone mixes within the joint with collagen-delivering materials healing the damaged tendons within.

Damaged tendons can create excruciating pain. Commonly medical practitioners have concentrated on numbing the sensation of this pain with medication. However Prolozone Treatment functions by stimulating healing within the tendon, rather than masking the pain.

Nonsurgical Fix of Harmed Tendons

This type of treatment has shown exceptional relief of discomfort and encourages the body’s creation of collagen which helps the body to remake damaged tendon tissue.

The aim of a Prolozone Treatment plan is to ideally totally mend the tendon, leaving you free from any further aggravation or limitation. Prolozone treatment has worked successfully to treat the following:

  • Ongoing neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Torn rotator sleeve in the shoulder
  • Hip joint inflammation
  • Knee joint inflammation
  • Shoulder pain
  • Elbow pain
  • Degenerative plates in the spine
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

How Does Prolozone Treatment Function?

Ozone treatment uses a type of oxygen (ozone gas) to treat joint inflammation, clean injuries, and initiate an individual’s healing response. Ozone is found naturally in the air around us, and injecting this medical version of the gas has shown to promote healing within the damaged tendons..

“Prolozone” is a blend of “nutrients” and “ozone.” This blend of treatment basically empowers the body to self-heal injury by encouraging the regeneration of cells in and around the harmed joint. It encourages cells to multiply and regrow.

Prolozone treatment should only be administered by a specialist and can successfully treat a range of ailments.

Mike Furlong Balance Clinical Director and registered member of the General Osteopathic Council is one of a few practioners that is licenced to offer Prolozone Treatment in the UK.

Osteoarthritis erodes the ligaments that provides defensive padding between bones in a joint. At the point when ligament is eroded or worn out, bone-on-bone scratching is the agonizing outcome. Prolozone treatment reestablishes the joint and so relieves the pain. If your treatment plan for Osteoarthritis includes Prolozone Treatment, you can anticipate that your joint aggravation should step by step diminish – and to ideally disappear totally.

Numerous patients have reported revealed encountering a 50-80% diminishing in their joint aggravation. Pre-and post-treatment X-rays have shown that knee joints fostered an expansion in the thickness of collagen following the prolozone treatment.

Prolozone treatment is almost without risk. A tiny number of patients who have been treated with prolozone treatment have encountered a hypersensitive response or torment at the infusion site, yet in any case, patients report no serious secondary effects.

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