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Marcus Croman

Sports therapy uses a range of therapeutic techniques for the prevention, recognition and treatment of minor sports injuries. It can also be used to provide support with people wanting to maintain and improve fitness.
Sports therapy may be used to address an extensive range of injuries. Sports therapy may also be found to be helpful in the mental preparation of athletes for sporting participation.




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Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy can help
Sports Therapy is an effective method of reducing pain and as a result helps muscles and soft tissues become functional again in a non intrusive, often pain-free manner. This treatment adopts a number of methods including massage and soft manipulation to help the body to regain strength and return to peak performance.

Putting you back in pole position
Many people experience difficulties when training with conditions such as sprains, pulled ligaments and muscle discomfort having a detrimental effect on your sporting enjoyment. Conditions which go unattended can often result in reduced performance, pain and a range of long term ailments.

You don't need to run a marathon to benefit
Many clients are not just sports enthusiasts, rather they are simply suffering from muscular difficulties and find this therapy an effective way of alleviating any pain they are experiencing. Common ailments such as sciatica, whiplash and frozen shoulders are effectively treated using deep tissue massage to alleviate the stress and tension involved in muscular fatigue.

Aftercare is of paramount importance
The treatment provided by Balance Health Centre is often just the first step towards peak performance. Our therapists ensure that each client is given personalized advice and guidance on exercise regimes, nutrition plans and overall wellbeing support.

A treatment conducted by a trained therapist
All of our practitioners are fully trained professionals who have spent a number of years within the industry and have qualifications in Health and Exercise Science.

How much does is cost?
Sports Therapy: £30.00 per half hour


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