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Call Balance today on 0151 263 6442

Call Balance today on 0151 263 6442



The most common problems resolved by osteopathy are experienced in the back, shoulders and neck.
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  Colonic Hydrotherapy

Colonic benefits include a cleansing and detoxification process, clearing blockages, IBS, bloating & more.
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  Sports Therapy

Sports therapy uses a range of therapeutic techniques for prevention, recognition & treatment of injuries.
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Finding your specific problem foods and eating habits helping you lead a healthier lifestyle.
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Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils in holistic treatments improving physical & emotional well-being.
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This holistic form of medicine is considered to be one of the most valuable complimentary medicines.
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Welcome to Balance Health Centre... Restoring your equilibrium
Located in Tuebrook, just outside Liverpool City Centre and with ample free parking, Balance Health Centre offers a wide range of alternative therapies to help your get your health back on track.

Our services are all designed with you in mind…
All of our therapies are delivered by qualified professionals who have had many years of experience within their specific fields of expertise.
Our current therapies include:

We treat the cause NOT the symptom
As part of the personalised service we provide, all of our therapists will help you understand your condition, making sure you are aware of the options you have available in getting better.

Aftercare is just as important
All of our therapists will give you advice and guidance about how to help get the best from your treatment, this way you are continually working towards bettering your health. And what’s more, your therapist is always just a phone call away in case you have any aftercare support needs.

Call in and see how Balance can restore your equilibrium
For more information on how Balance Health Centre can help you please telephone
0151 263 6442 or call in for a free consultation.
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